Christmas caos with a toddler

These blog posts seems to be getting not only weeks apart but months apart. Seen as though I’m on holiday and have some spare time, I thought I’d update on our Christmas caos and my baby turning 2.

I’m 100% sure that I must’ve blinked one day and my baby suddenly turned 2 years old. I’m scared to blink again in case he suddenly turns 18!! Joshua tuned 2 years old on the 21st December. Joshua spent his birthday at the farm with his nanna because this mama had to work all day which was devastating but a needs must before Christmas. But, I knew that he would love every minute of the farm after all animals are still his favourite. Although, I’m not entirely sure if he needed to actually visit the farm considering since his birthday and Christmas our house has generally turned into a farm with the amount of animal toys he got. But hey ho, he enjoyed it as I knew he would.

I felt like he just opened presents for a whole week. It even got to the point after Christmas, he was sad when he walked down the stairs to no presents to open. After all, babies and toddlers do love the wrapping paper and the boxes that the toys come in. I really don’t know why us parents spend so much money. Not the best feeling when you’ve spent so much money on their toys and they cry when you put the boxes and wrapping paper in the bin. Amazing really though. It just goes to show that we are very spoilt and very lucky with everything we have. As we certainly do not need it all.

But anyway, our gorgeous baby is 2!! And he even finally says mummy and daddy which may not seem much to a lot of people but this is such a massive achievement for Joshua and we could not be prouder. We have waited so long for this. Having said that, it’s not brilliant when all your hear at 2 in the morning is “mum” “mum” because he wants his milk bottle. It never seems to be daddy, funnily enough. I must have slave written on my forehead.

As his birthday is so close to Christmas, it is just caos. I brought Joshua’s wooden toy kitchen from Asda in our local town and that wasn’t the best experience in the world. I swear I nearly lost an arm that day. I made the decision to order everything else online. Far too busy in the shops for me at Christmas time, especially with a pram. It’s miles easier having these big parcels delivered straight to your house.

I used to be so chilled at Christmas when I was younger. I used to wonder why my mum was so stressed. I just always wanted to tell her to relax as it’s Christmas. But since being a parent, the definition of Christmas should be stress. I now understand. If only it was as easy as Santa sorting everything out for you. But unfortunately he is not nice enough to pack away all these toys he brought Joshua for Christmas. He gets far too much credit. In fact, they were all still left in their packaging. How inconsiderate. He could have at least built us a new toy cupboard to store all of these endless amount of toys.

We even had a white Christmas. How wonderful. Well, maybe not for me as I couldn’t move my car for about a week but at least Joshua loved it. Kind of. He liked watching it. Just did not want to walk on it. But it looks pretty and that’s a good photo opportunity I guess.

But my goodness. Isn’t Christmas special with a family. Watching my baby on Christmas Day and Christmas Eve was the most magical thing in the world. Family really is everything. Christmas with a child is truly the best that it has ever been for me. I feel so incredibly blessed.

Thanks for reading.

Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and new year themselves.

As always all my love,

Sophie X


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