The bond between a dog and a baby is not scary, it is beautiful: Our Tilly and Joshua

‘A dog is the bestest friend you could ever have. A loyal loving companion that cares for you more than themselves. A special creature whose time in your heart will far outnumber its days on earth.’

Screen Shot 2017-09-11 at 19.56.35

We were a bit wary bringing our new born baby home at first. Our dog Tilly has never really been around babies or toddlers before. I never left them alone together or let Joshua get too close to her. Tilly has never been vicious before and we know that she wouldn’t hurt a fly. But, you can never be too careful, especially with a new born baby around. We always tried to give her just as much attention and affection as before, as the last thing we wanted to do was to make her feel unwanted or left out. After all, she has always been a big part of our family.

As Tilly began to realise that Joshua was here for the long haul, she became extremely protective of Joshua. We noticed that she would guard his room on a night to make sure he was fine and she would even cry at our bed when she heard him crying in the night.

Joshua is memorised by her. Even at just 5 months old, he would watch her every move and just want to spend all of his time with her. Joshua has always watched us give Tilly cuddles. Now he absolutely loves giving her cuddles himself. He just puts his head on her says ‘awww’ and just smiles… It’s absolutely priceless

Joshua is now 20 months old and absolutely idiolises Tilly. He chases her around the room, throws her ball for her and he now even tries to say Tilly’s name when he walks down the stairs on a morning. Joshua tries to put Tilly’s lead on her collar before we leave the house as he much prefers it when she comes with us. If it’s a place where she can’t come, Joshua always makes sure that he waves goodbye to her and strokes her head before we leave. Joshua likes to share his meals with Tilly and Tilly of course can’t resist. He has even been known to fall asleep on her a couple of times.

The pictures say it all in this blog. I didn’t need to say an awful lot. Tilly’s and Joshua’s bond is unbreakable. It is special. Unbelievably special.

They do everything together. Where there is a Tilly, there is a Joshua not so far away…

Screen Shot 2017-09-11 at 20.01.05

All my love as always,

Sophie xx




13 thoughts on “The bond between a dog and a baby is not scary, it is beautiful: Our Tilly and Joshua

  1. Very cute! I have a small pom and she was very aggressive with my daughter when we first brought her home. It took us about a year and a half to transition the dog to a point where I wasn’t worried about the two of them together. They are great now, thank goodness!


  2. This is just priceless, Joshua and Tilly look so happy together and there is clearly something special between them. A dog really is man’s best friend! xx


  3. Such a beautiful bond! Dogs and babies are just meant to be together, I think. My son laughs when he sees dogs walking down the street. We had to send our two beagles to live with my parents when my son was nine months old and I think he still misses them. I love the cuddle pictures!


  4. 100% agree with this! Harley our cocker spaniel was our first baby and then Kory, our son came along. We didn’t know how they’d be together but they’re the best of friends and it’s lovely to see xx


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